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Prophetic Ministry Made Easy

Prophetic Ministry Made Easy

Being a Prophet is not Easy

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The Prophetic Ministry has taken the world by storm. But there is still a lot of confusion on how the Prophetic Ministry should operate. Many amateurs have given this ministry a bad name, because they did not know what they were doing.

Most Pastors discourage their members from flowing in the Prophetic Ministry, and it has become an almost universal experience that most budding prophets have been kicked out of their church. Those called to the prophetic ministry go through a lot of agony and misunderstanding, and often feel all alone in the world. Many have faced conflicts in their marriage or relationships as a result of the prophetic calling.

Not An Easy Learning Process

Many years ago when I first went into ministry I flourished as a teacher. But the Lord kept telling me to move into the Prophetic Ministry. I really fought this at first, thinking that it would only cause problems amongst the people.

Besides, I did not want to be a prophet, I wanted to be a teacher. 

Then the Lord showed me that I did not have to give up my teaching ministry to flow in the Prophetic Ministry. I could add this new ministry to my existing ministry and move to a new level. I was amazed to see what a difference this made in my ministry and how people responded to me. A whole new dimension in began to open up to me.

But the learning process of becoming a prophet is something I was not ready for. It did not take me long to realize that it would not be easy

Few Make It Through

I tried reading some books on the subject, but in those days there was very little available. I had to learn by myself with only the Lord teaching me. So I made a lot of mistakes.

The Lord taught me that there was a higher level in the Prophetic called the Prophetic Office, and this is what He was gearing me for. So I learned and lived the lessons, and then I began to teach them to others. 

It took some time to complete, but in the end I had put together a complete training system for New Testament Prophets. And many came in and were trained to rise up into this office.

But many could not keep up the pace and fell by the wayside. They found the preparation and training of the prophet just too intensive for them and could not cope with the pressures.

In the end the only ones who made it through were those who were passionate about being prophets and burned for nothing else. They had committed themselves to become prophets and had no interest in any of the other ministries.

I had set a high standard for those who wanted to become prophets, and experience proved once again that it was not going to be easy

Time To Make It Easier

Now as I look back I see that there were many along the way who could easily have functioned in the Prophetic Ministry without having to rise up into full prophetic office.

There are many ministers who have ignored this ministry because they are not called to be prophets. This sometimes makes them feel inferior to those who push through and succeed in prophetic training.

And because the training of a prophet and doing this ministry correctly is often not so easy, many have lost an opportunity to be used by the Lord in what can be a really exciting ministry. They need someone to make it easier for them.

Here is What You Will Find in the Book

Chapter 01 - The Ministry Manifests - my personal story of how I moved into Prophetic Ministry

Chapter 02 - The Essentials of Prophetic Ministry - The main principles that will be covered in the rest of the book

Chapter 03 - The Gift of Prophecy - how to function in the Gift of Prophecy

Chapter 04 - Foretelling or Forth-telling? - What role does predicting the future play in Prophetic Ministry

Chapter 05 - Prophetic Seeing - how to experience revelation through visions

Chapter 06 - Understanding Visions - what to do with the visions you receive

Chapter 07 - Spiritual Hearing - how to hear the voice of God as a believer

Chapter 08 - Prophetic Hearing - how to hear the voice of God as a prophet

Chapter 09 - Get Ready for Action - the first things you need to do to get moving in this ministry

Chapter 10 - Operating in the Prophetic Anointing - how the Prophetic Anointing manifests in you

Chapter 11 - Practical Considerations - Practical ways of functioning as a prophet

Chapter 12 - Walking in Humility - the important of having a right attitude

Chapter 13 - The Prophetic Minister - how to function as a Prophet from the pulpit

Chapter 14 - Ministering Privately - how to function as a Prophet in Personal Ministry

Chapter 15 - Ministering Deliverance - how to bring deliverance using the Prophetic Anointing

Chapter 16 - Final Principles to Remember - A final look at what it means to be a prophet, including the next step to take

I hope you will enjoy this new book, and that it will inspire you to press into this exciting ministry. I look forward to hearing your feedback and questions, and helping you to either move into Prophetic Ministry for the first time, or get back to it again if you have let it slip.

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I look foward to seeing you rise up to excel in the Prophetic Ministry

Les D. Crause

Les D. Crause
Apostle, Prophet and Entrepreneur


Prophetic Ministry Made Easy